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Along Southern Roads

Along Southern Roads

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Images and Essays Ramblin' Around the South

Have you ever rambled down a country road, the sun filtering through the trees like slats of blinds? Felt the crunch of dirt under your feet, the sounds of cicadas humming all around?

Satisfy your inner wanderlust, whatever your mode of travel, with Along Southern Roads, a curated collection from Southern writers and photographers that expresses the South of today and tomorrow, while taking a glance in the rear-view mirror.

This book is about those places in the South that touch our hearts. Places where we may have been, or pathways we are traveling along now. Places that we want to go...Along Southern Roads.

Introduction by Lydia Inglett

Featuring photography from the following states:

North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia | Florida | Tennessee | Mississippi | Alabama | Virginia | Kentucky | Louisiana | Texas